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  • 8 ottobre 2014
  • Scuole in Piemonte

School presentation

Turin, with its 14 km of Porticos, is one of the most fascinating and mysterious cities in Italy. Its magic consists of its fusion of arts, history and vanguard. Under its layer of Savoyard rigour, there is a pulsating vivacity and vitality which not only amaze, but literally enchant the visitor: baroque buildings and futuristic architecture, antique art collections and international film exhibitions, the Egyptian Museum, which is the second most important in the world for its archaeological exhibits, and sports teams of global renown.

“Ciao Italy”, which specialises in teaching the Italian language and culture to foreigners, guarantees its students the highest possible standards of language learning.

The school’s decision to work with only small groups ensures that each participant has the opportunity to develop and improve his/her linguistic skills.

Access to each course therefore requires an entrance exam in order to form classes of a suitable level for all participants.

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